Art Exhibition

There will be an art exhibition held in the Great Hall on Tuesday 19th June and Thursday 21st June. The exhibition will take place straight after school and it will be an opportunity for the children to showcase to their parents/carers the amazing artwork that they produced on art day last week.

This Week’s Learning

In topic this week, the children have learnt a lot about Fairtrade. They started the week by researching Fairtrade – they found a lot of interesting facts! After this, they thought about the emotions of a farmer and a businessman and even did a little role play. Then they looked at the features of a balanced argument. The children did a great job of identifying the features and explaining their purpose. They used this knowledge to then plan and write their own balanced argument about the pros and cons of Fairtrade. The teachers were very impressed with the quality of the arguments produced – well done, Year 5!

In maths this week, the children have been investigating prime numbers and composite numbers. They found out that prime numbers are whole numbers that are exactly divisible by 1 and itself, and a composite number is a whole number that can be divided exactly by numbers other than 1 or itself. The children used this knowledge to then test for prime factors. They did this by drawing factor trees. Another great week of hard work in maths, keep it up!