This Week’s Learning

In topic this week, the children have continued to explore the polar regions. They started the week describing how animals from the polar regions are adapted to their environment. They then used this knowledge to create their own polar species. The teachers were so impressed with their imaginative ideas which considered the features the animals would need to survive. Later on, the children learnt all about changes to the environment including global warming and climate change. The children then considered the difference they could make to maintain and sustain our environment. They came up with a lot of great solutions. Well done, Year 6!

In maths this week, the children have recapped their place value knowledge up 10 million. They used this knowledge to read, write and compare these numbers. They also applied this knowledge to addition and subtraction, considering when they would need to use a written method or a mental strategy. Keep up the great work in maths!


Year 6: This half term in French, children will revise numbers 0-100 and they will practise taking part in an advanced conversation on personal information (on name, age, feelings, where they live, where they are from). They will also learn names of shapes, names of T.V. programs, how to state their likes and dislikes on T.V. programs and some adjectives to justify their opinion.