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Class Teacher Awards

6M: Megan and Jonathan

6K: Whole class

6G: Hiral and Prian

And the following children received a Year Group Leader Award:

Inaaya, Balanur, Ayaan, Erin, Sebastian, Charlie-Ray, Aaran, Prian, Ruby, Deeya, Zayan, Harry and Imad.

A huge well done to the following children who received the Phase Leader Award:


Mock SATs Week

A reminder that the first week back is our mock sats week so make sure you are revising anything that you find tricky over the half term and are getting lots of rest.

During the mock week, make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep and are eating a good breakfast!

Year 6 – you will be great! All we ask is that you try your best!

This Week’s Learning

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We have ended this half term creating our independent projects. The task was to create a boat in the style of the HMS Beagle, which is the boat Darwin used to voyage to the Galapagos Islands. The children showed great teamwork skills as well as having to think carefully about their choice of materials in order to get the boat to float!

In maths, we have been learning about the interior angles of polygons including triangles, quadrilaterals and pentagons. The children have found ways to remember what the interior angles of each polygon adds up to and worked hard to find missing angles. As well as this, they have been practising their arithmetic skills and working on speed and efficiency! Well done year 6 – enjoy your well deserved break.

Inter-class Sports

Yesterday, Year 6 took part in inter-class sports. This half term’s sport was football. Well done to all the children for showing great team work, communication and mutual respect throughout the morning. It was lovely to see the competitive spirit along with fantastic sportsmanship!

Well done to 6K, who were the overall winners with 4 wins and 2 draws!