Fiver Challenge

Before fiver challenge, parents are able to drop off any resources for the children e.g. food, from 2.30pm. Please enter school via Avenue Road.

After fiver challenge, the children will count their money and can then re-invest their money for the following week.

After we have completed both sessions of fiver challenge, the children have to pay their £5 back and the profits will go towards a reward for Year 6.

We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow! If possible, please avoid bringing notes to spend and bring coins instead.

This Week’s Learning

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This week we have been busy with our rehearsals. The acting and singing so far has been very impressive! Costume ideas will be sent home early next week.

We have also been planning for our fiver challenge, including initial ideas, final ideas and costing. We can’t wait to see how full of creativity the hall will be during the sales events.

In topic, we have been continuing with Body Works and have learnt more about the circulatory system. Additionally, we have discussed the impact of performance-enhancing drugs in sports and we have written journalistic reports to share our ideas.