Class Teacher Awards 14.12.18

Congratulations to this week’s winners:


6H- Zara and Chloe

6K- Marcus and Faris

6M- Renae and Elijah

Well done to everyone in PE who received a Class Teacher Award this week:

6H- Chloe, Zara, Samyukta, Lujin, Yumna, Anna, Deeya, Ellie, Jhothy, Evie

6K- Chloe, Leila, Jessica, Erin, Ellie-Mae, Prubdheen, Dharshini


Well done to Reyansh and Leila who received a Year Group Leader Award!

This Week’s Learning

Independent Project: Dragon’s Den

From hover scooters to technological glasses and fashion apps, this week we have seen some incredible inventions! Everyone has worked really hard in their teams to combine creations and design and make their very own inventions.


After planning and designing, we were able to spend time to make a prototype in order to bring it to life. We then pitched our idea to the rest of the class and those who received the most votes will compete in a final next week- we hope you are ready for the Dragons!


Well done to everyone- we have been blown away by your creativity!


This week in Maths, we have recapped multiplication and division with decimals. Once we had mastered the method, we were able to move on to applying our knowledge to a context whilst solving word problems. We realised that sometimes we have to round our answers, depending on the context of the question. For example:

A box of eggs cost £2.40. There are 463 eggs to be put in boxes. Each box
can hold 6 eggs.

How many boxes are needed to fit all the eggs?

in this question we would need to round up so that all of the eggs have a space in a box. Whereas, in the following question we would need to round down.

James is planning a party for his 8th birthday. He puts 24 sweets in a party
bag. Altogether he has 498 sweets, how many party bags can he fill?

We round down because it asks how many party bags he can fill. We would not want to give a party bag with less sweets than anyone else! From this, we can also work out how many sweets would be left.


Well done to everyone for their hard work- 1 week to go!

Christmas parties and Christmas jumpers

Dear Parents / Carers,

Our class Christmas parties will be held in school, during the school day, on Thursday 21st December. Your child will need to wear their school uniform to school on this day, however, if they would like to wear a Christmas jumper and/or accessory (decorative headband or hat) during the class party then they may.

Children should not wear a Christmas jumper on 14th December. 

Children can bring in a small snack to enjoy during the class party. If your child would like a snack, then please provide them with a savoury or sweet treat to enjoy. Please note, you only have to bring in a snack for your child and remember that they will have eaten their Christmas dinner on this day too. All snacks must be nut and broad bean free.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Streeter

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader