This Week’s Learning

This week in Topic, Year 5 European Explorers compared the different cuisines from a range of European countries. They discussed the smell, taste, texture and where the food originated from. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and the Year 5 teachers were very impressed with how sensible the children were. Well done Year 5!

Later on in the week, the children researched information about a European country of their choice. They found lots of interesting facts about landmarks, climate and famous people from those countries. After that, they used their information to develop an argument, including persuasive and emotive language. The children used their arguments to debate with their peers which European country they should visit.

In maths this week, Year 5 mathematicians have been using mental strategies for addition and subtraction. The children have done excellently in learning the different strategies and when to apply them. They used this knowledge to solve a range of multi-step problems. Well done on a great week of maths.