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Health and Wellbeing Morning 04.06.19

On our Summer 2 Health and Wellbeing Morning this week, we discussed all the things we have learnt in our Health and Wellbeing lessons this year, which link to the emotional, social and physical strands.

Here are some quotes from some of the children in Year 6:

‘I love the safe space in our classroom; I use it when I am feeling upset or worried.’

‘I enjoy mindful activies. Doing yoga in PE helped me to relax around the same time as SATs.’


‘I know which strategies to use when I experience certain emotions. For example, if I am worried I can use mindful counting.’


‘I am confident that I can resolve any conflicts with my friends because we have learnt and practised the strategies’

‘We have a good understanding of the characteristics of a healthy and unhealthy relationship which is important to know in life.’


‘We have learnt that sleep is an important part of being healthy, and our bodies need at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night.’

‘It’s important to keep healthy by eating a balanced diet, drinking water, getting exercise and a good amount of sleep.’


This half – term in French, children will enjoy the French lessons through games and revision activities to consolidate and embed their learning during the last 4 years.

Science Day 2019: Journeys

Today at Avenue we celebrated Science Day. This years theme was ‘Journeys’ in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Eurotunnel. We thought about the different types of journeys that are made including; journeys of animals, journeys through life, journeys in our body and actual physical journeys. The children had such a great time engaging in the activities! Please read below to found out more about how we spent part of our day! 

Sneeze Zone

For the ‘Sneeze Zone’ we looked at the journey of germs and how easily they can spread through busy places! We did a science experiment where we put our person onto a giant piece of paper which represented our classroom. Then we squirted water (germs) across ‘the classroom’ without covering it and recorded how many people got ‘infected’. Then we repeated this by covering the squirt with our hand and then again with a tissue. Talk to us about our findings and see if you are surprised!

Make a Neuron, Make Memories

We learnt about the neurons in our bodies. They help record our journey through life and do this by sending electrical impulses on a journey through our body. We made our very own neuron out of pipe cleaners! Then, some of us focused on our earliest memory which we drew as a picture and attached to our neuron.