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Awards 05.04.19

Congratulations to the following children for receiving a Phase Leader Award this week:

Elena, Anxhelika, Ellie-Mae, Evie.R, Jasmine and Erin.

A huge well done to the following children for being awarded with this term’s merit:

6G – Woody

6M – Taqwa

6K – Xavier

6H – Jhothy

Class Teacher Awards 22.03.19

Congratulations to this week’s winners:

6G – Nevaeh and Max

6K – Xavier and Anxhelika

6M – Alexandre and Revant

A huge congratulations to the following children who have received YGL Awards this week:

6H- Imad, Umer, Kian, Stephanie, Zayan, Samyukta, Deeya and Ellie

6G- Ike and Aaron

6K- Elle, Prubdheen and Faris

Well done to you all!